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Our Island. Your Future.

Does it work?

Extensive research has strongly endorsed the widely accepted parochial nature of the Tasmanian Public.


Tasmanians overwhelmingly prefer to support fellow Tasmanians when given the choice. MyTas offers Tasmanian companies a uniquely `Tasmanian Inspired` angle, helping Tasmanian businesses become the preferred choice of the Tasmanian public.


Individual companies often embark on their own `Tasmanian owned and operated` campaigns by utilising `tags` etc. on their commercials. This can have some effect but as an individual company the precise message can get lost.


A `Collective`has far greater impact and is more instantly recognisable than the same message being put forward by an individual company. The precise message that the Collective endorses will leave the Tasmanian public in no doubt as to what 'MyTas' stands for and is aiming to achieve.

By utilising the MyTas Collective, your company will be positioned `front of mind` as the preferred choice of the Tasmanian consumer, together with showcasing your companies contributions to the Tasmanian Economy and future employment for all Tasmanians.

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